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Wersi Services Provided By Claire Greig And Brett Wales


Hi Folks

This page has been created for the new Wersi Services provided by Claire Greig and Brett Wales and will be updated by them with the latest information of the services they can provided as things progress.

Reading through some of Claire's explanations to members of the 'Organ Forum' as to the new 'Wersi Services' provided by herself and Brett I thought a more permanent and comprehensive explanation for this site would be a good thing to help things along a little in the right direction.  Hopefully, for starters the following notes will help clarify some of the questions that you may have.



 Firstly, the question of 'Warranties'.

 Any issues arising with new instruments supplied by any dealer should be reported to the respective dealer that supplied the instrument.

Claire, if instructed to do so from Music store or Wersi Hochrein will carry out any repair issues regarding warranty on instruments in the UK with technical support provided by Music Store and Wersi Hochrein.

Claire and Brett are offering support, in different formats, to all Wersi owners, not specifically those who have recently made a purchase of a new instrument.

"For example, we are looking at producing some OAX videos to help people get the best out of the instrument. We have already helped a few OAX customers to install the latest updates by sending some simple written instructions. Or if a Wersi owner needs a spare part, we can advise them where to look for it, or help with a repair. Different formats can be an email reply, a telephone call, a personal tutorial day. There are many more options for us, that will be offered in due course. We both have a long affiliation with Wersi, and want other people to enjoy their Wersi instruments as much as we do"

 So, who will get this service and how?  any Wersi owner by sending an email to the info@ address.

"MusicStore have full access to the emails also, the email address and associated website is owned by MusicStore (goes direct to their general Wersi website)". 

For all Wersi related enquiries please contact    -    







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