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Total Preset - User Templates

If you would like to share one of your total presets, there is a downloadable "Word Doc. Template" for you to use. It can be printed out to retrieve your settings from the organ.  The information can then be transferred to the Template on your computer, and then e.mailed to me for inclusion on the site. 

 Above is a sample of the "Basic User Template."  Right click the mouse on the template above and "Save  target as" I.E  or, "Save link as" FIREFOX  for more information and to download all the Templates that have been made so far.

   Click on the song title to access PDF file

 Colin Moore    John Barry Medley   Colin Moore   The Way you look tonight
 Ken Belton    Scottish Accordion Band    
 Ken Belton    Stardust - Deep Purple   Ken Belton   Christmas Swing
 George Bolton    The Lonely Bull   George Bolton   Amazing Grace