Sound Quality                                                                                Articles produced by - Jeff Ormerod   


Our Club Member Jeff Ormerod has worked very hard to produce five very professional articles on how to get the best overall Sound quality from our Wersi Instruments. 

The Articles deal with the four main sets of controls that have direct effect on the 'Sound Quality', namely 'Gain, Equalisation, Reverberation and Bass controls.

Each Article is in PDF format for you to download, Click on the links below to access.

Jeff, has very kindly supplied us with his e.mail address if any of our members have questions or comments regarding the articles.  So drop him a line, there is a wealth of 'Audio' knowledge here.

March 2010, Jeff has now provided us with a Part 5 - Questions & Answers  downloadable PDF that will be updated as more questions arise.

The Overview

Part 1 - Gain Controls

Part 2 - Equalisation Controls

Part 3 - Reverberation Controls

Part 4 - Bass Controls


Part 5 - Questions & Answers

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