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 November Concert List   31/10/17

Keyboard Service, Drawbar Settings.   An interesting site with a lot of Hammond drawbar settings.  Found by Bill Gray

 Sales And Wants Clarification 10/3/17

The Wersi HD Series Instruments Update with Demos
Paramount 320 Wurlitzer




Ken Belton


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WersiClub OAX Register

Note to Members now owning the new Wersi Sonic or Sonic Upgrades

Hi Folks


We are now starting to get a steady stream of the new Wersi Sonic OAX instrument owners and some that have had their existing instruments upgraded to the OAX specification.


If I can just add a reminder that WersiClub International has now started a separate register for members with new Sonic instruments and for those that have had the Sonic OAX upgrade.


So as we can keep our records up to date, if you have changed or upgraded your instruments to the Sonic OAX perhaps you would kindly let us know.

If you are not yet a member  but are having a Sonic or the conversion, then please do drop us a line to become a registered member as the benefits of membership can be greatly enhanced by sharing the experiences of learning the new OAX system.   (Membership is free)













            UK Membership 


Total WersiClub International Membership  312



For Sale

 For Sale - A pair of Wersi TS9000 speakers


For Sale - Sonic OAX700 with two TS9000 Tower speakers     Now Updated

 For Sale - Wersi Scala 29/7/17

Items Wanted

Wanted - Pack of 25 pedal board brass contact springs for a Spectra.

 Wanted - Wersi Gala, Spectra or Atlantis (UK) 3/7/17



Notice Board

For OAS owners that would like to obtain OAS 4/5/6 Software it is now available for download again, including the B4 at Wersi-Hochrhein


Claudia Hirschfeld's  UK Tour



'WersiClub UK.Focus' is a dedicated website for Wersi owners which now incorporates 'WersiClub International' 

 It is a privately owned website and is run for and on behalf of owners of Wersi instruments old and new.

 For details of our free membership please click on  the 'Register' link above. d

 If the club can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


Latest Site Update   31/10/17





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