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About Us

                                                          History Of WersiClub International                                                      16/1/17

WersiClub International was officially launched at the Pakefield Festival in the UK September 2007 following an initial idea from Helmut Kwiczorowski, Wersi’s Export Manager at the time, who in November 2006 suggested that he would like to start a 'Wersi Club' for the UK

As a frequent visitor to family in Germany, this suggestion was taken up by Colin Moore from Dorset who had purchased a Wersi Verona direct from the Wersi factory in 2005.  After discussions with Helmut and others, Colin's preference for the club was that it should be International rather than limit it to the UK.  It was decided that it would be a website-based Club, in English, and open to all Wersi owners world-wide.  Hence the “International” part of its name.

At the launch of the Club I joined Colin as part of a 'steering committee' to help setup the website. Both Colin and myself had limited knowledge of building websites although I had built a small site for my own Plant Nursery business so we both had to learn by trial and error. Also the technology was not what it is today, I was not even on broadband at the start and had to feed the meter (so to speak) with 'shillings' to even get on line!!  How times have changed. 

However, as things progressed, and having being an owner of an OAS instrument myself since 2002 I was aware of how isolated individual owners were.  Basically we were a fairly small group spread all over the country not knowing where the next owner resided (could have been next door for all we knew) and support was not too plentiful.  As I personally, at that time, had a preference for the original suggestion of a 'Club for the UK'  I set about making an additional UK branch website that was to operate within the framework of WersiClub International so that our UK owners could identify with it at this early stage of the clubs development.  Also at this time, not all owners were internet connected, so for a time I used letter post to keep in touch with some of the UK members. This site I entitled WersiClub UK.Focus. 'focusing' on anything relating to Wersi in the UK. The two sites were just one club of which Colin and I shared the same membership register.

WersiClub with its two websites, now in its tenth year has become a well established part of the Wersi community and I think I can say with a degree of confidence, that the original aims and intentions that Colin and myself had for the club, particularly in the early years when we were the main portal of information and communication, were successfully realised.  Latterly, thanks to advances in social media and and through the various festivals, owners can communicate, meet each other and learn about their instruments much more easily so all is looking good for the future.

The Present

With the sad loss of Colin our founder member at the end of 2016, some re-thinking has been needed as to the direction of the club for the future.

I have renamed my own WersiClub UK.Focus site now to 'WersiClub UK'  but will  attempt to incorporate as many as I can of the OAS-7 articles that Colin spent so much time creating into my site.

This site will now continue under the banner of  WersiClub UK

For the continued success of the club members participation is always very welcome, so any suggestions articles or ideas you may have will always be gratefully received.

Enjoy playing your chosen Wersi instrument.





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