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 Welcome To The Wersi Sonic OAX  Pages

Welcome to the WersiClub UK.Focus Sonic OAX pages.

We are now starting to get a steady stream of the new Wersi Sonic OAX instrument owners and some that have had their existing instruments upgraded to the OAX specification.
WersiClub International has now started a separate 'sub register' for members with new Sonic instruments and for those that have had the Sonic OAX upgrade.  This 'sub register' is being run by myself from WersiClub UK. Focus where the majority of information relating to this new instrument range will now be found.             

The register is international so all are welcome to join. 

If you are already a WersiClub member and have changed or upgraded your instrument to the Sonic OAX perhaps you would kindly let us know so as we can update our records and include you on the new register.

If you are not yet a member but are having a Sonic or the conversion, then please do drop us a line to become a registered member as the benefits of membership can be greatly enhanced by sharing the experiences of learning the new OAX system.  (Membership is free)


OAX will be an interesting new learning curve for most, that can be greatly enhanced by members sharing their own experiences and helping each other to get the gist of things so please keep in touch with us as you progress with your new instruments.


Sonic OAX 500

Note: The WersiClub Sonic Owners Counter below has been calculated from our Members that I know already have the Sonic or have confirmed they will be getting either a new Sonic or the Sonic upgrade shortly.


Sonic OAX 600






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