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An Invitation. If you are now a new Sonic OAX owner or have had your instrument Upgraded to Sonic specification and would like to share some of your thoughts tips and discoveries regarding the new instrument then please drop me a line.  We all use the instruments differently and use different features for different types of music and it would be good to hear some of your points of interest so as to give the pages a broader overall view of the Wersi Sonic. 

                                                                      Sheet Music Scores                                                         29/1016

As a memory player this is not something I have looked at a lot, I have tried to load the Scores but  nothing seems to happen?  However, a phone call from a member today has unlocked the secret of the Music Scores.

For the benefit of any that may have found the same problem, this is what we have to do.

Go to SETTINGS then tap the SHEET MUSIC icon. Highlight the song you require from the drop down list then touch LOAD The screen will return to the main page.  At the top of the screen above the save tab another tab named NOTEN has now appeared. Touch this and the music loads.

The music pages scroll up and down and you can change via the tabs underneath from music to text. To the right is the tab to close.


                                                                  Software Revision 1.3-04                                                     26/10/16

I have just loaded the latest software revision which contains some very useful additions plus some great bug fixes. I say 'great' because the slight glitch of which I personally experienced using the expression crossfade feature, has now been solved to which I am truly grateful.  I can now start creating my presets again in the 'style I am accustomed to' (to quote a well known  phrase)

There is quite a lot to this revision some of which I have not looked to deeply as yet but will hope to come back with more about it later.  However there are a couple of additions that I have looked at that I will definitely be using.

On previous revisions it was only possible to achieve a 'FILL' on the accompaniment by hitting one of the four style variation buttons but now we have a choice.  Go to the ACC MIXER then STYLE SETTINGS and the Break 1 & 2 buttons can be used in three configurations, STYLE, BREAK and FILL  However, the FILL is not yet programmable into the footswitch settings. My own personal setting now will be to have the STYLE assigned to the left expression pedal footswitch and the FILL assigned to BREAK 1 on the control panel.  Not quite sure of the difference between STYLE and BREAK, If anyone knows please let me know. 

Correction - 29/10/16  If you have your foot switch set to BREAK 1 and you have saved your style settings to FILL, when you kick the switch you get the FILL instead of BREAK 1.

More to come when I get chance to delve some more.


                                                                       Importing User Styles                                                                         12/3/16

One point of discovery for me personally is the very easy to use method of importing Styles.  Having acquired many Wersi and Yamaha styles over the years I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it has now become to audition, import, and put them into the exact location for easy retrieval.

Having put the styles on a USB stick, press any style button on the console to bring up a styles page on the screen. Insert the USB into the instrument, a tab appears at the top of the page named USB. Touch this tab and the folders of the USB appear where the styles were mapped. Open one of the style folders and the contents will be displayed on the mappings pages . You can now audition all the styles at will from the USB without loading any.  If you find a style you wish to import permanently simply activate it, touch the import tab at the bottom of the screen, a box appears showing the next free location, if your happy with the location selected then touch 'save'. Another box appears asking you to select one of the twelve style buttons which are now "flashing" where you would like the style to be imported to. Press the style button and the job is done. To locate the imported style press the style button you saved it to, and then touch the User tab at the bottom of the page.  All  imported user styles can also be accessed from the User button in the style section.

If you already own a Sonic I am sure you have probably discovered the ease of use of this feature already.  However, if you don't  then the information could well be a point of interest for some.




Hi Folks     

I have to make a slight amendment to my initial ramblings about the 'Live Accordions and Presets'.

In my initial investigation, I said that the 'Mussette American' Virtual Accordion was missing that was originally in the OAS sound package.  Although the virtual instrument is not there, I am very pleased to say I have now discovered the actual eleven sounds from this instrument in the sound list, these individual sounds can be loaded into a preset to get the full sound effect of the Mussette American Accordion.

On a similar theme.  All, except for one of the virtual Live Accordions has its individual register sounds mapped so they can be loaded as individual sounds.  They can be found by pressing the Accordion Preset Tab. The one that is not mapped is the French Mussette 2voice but again, if you wish to make a preset using the '2voice' sounds, they are also  listed in the main sound list.

So all is well!!  All my Squeezeboxes I had on OAS are here also on OAX and I have nearly finished making separate preset banks for all of them.  There are of course, some that may conclude that I need to get a life!!  Well for me anyway, squeezeboxes have just that, Life!!





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