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PRESS RELEASE STARTS: For immediate release.    1/10/16

WERSI will present their new OAX-1 keyboard to the world at the WERSI Hochrhein factory today.  A two day festival is taking place in the south of Germany, at the organ and keyboard manufacturers production facility and showroom. 

WERSI star organist Brett Wales will perform on the new Pergamon OAX1000 'Ice Lady Edition' organ as well as the new OAX-1 keyboard. 

The new keyboard features the incredible new innovations from WERSI, as well as being future proof again over the development life of the OpenArt-Xtended series. Add to this, the incredible sounds, styles and more... you have possibly the most advanced and sonically pleasing arranger keyboard that exists. 

The OAX-1 will open up new musical possibilities, such as the ability to have up to 16 sounds available at anyone time across the Right Hand, Left Hand and Pedals. 

The keyboard highlight features are: 
  • 13.3 TFT Multi-Gesture Touch Display. 
  • A 76 note luxury keyboard from Fatar (TP8). 
  • 9 Real Drawbars for the upper and 7 Real Drawbars for the lower. 
  • Featuring, the OX7 2 and the WERSI VB3. 
  • Realdrums, Digital Drum Kits
  • The new Sonic / OAX Sound Library
  • One Touch Settings
  • Easy Play functions
  • Digital Record
  • Massive VST Host - newly designed for OAX 1.30 software.
  • Midi Sequencer - with full MIDI functions and MIDI In / Out / Thru and over USB options. 
  • Sheet Music On Display
  • Professional Studio Effects
  • 6 SFX Buttons
  • Weight: 24kg 
  • Internal Speakers included (two tweeters and two mid / bass speakers built into the cabinet). 
  • An optional 13 or 17 note pedal board can be connected to the OAX-1 keyboard. 
  • A WERSI volume / expression pedal with programmable switches can be connected to the OAX-1 keyboard.

The new OAX-1 Keyboard will be available to pre-order at the WERSI Direct Oktoberfest 2016 at a special discounted price exclusive to Oktoberfest customers. General Sale will commence thereafter.

Price to be confirmed.

Attached is an A4 High Quality Photo for promotional use. More photos to come. 


The New Wersi OAX-1 Keyboard

Its Arrived

My brand new black Wersi Sonic OAX 600 ordered in a mad moment at last years Oktoberfest has now arrived, is installed and up and running.

If I can tear myself away from just playing the 'Live Accordions' (which now sound brilliant on this machine) and put pen to paper so to speak, I will attempt to share some more thoughts of the features I personally like about the instrument.

However, do bear with me for a while, because if you are an Accordion nut like me, playing the virtual 'Live Accordions' is very addictive so it may be a while before I start looking at all the other good things.



Taken from the Wersi direct Website   23/12/15

New Sonic OAX Software to include large new sound library

WERSI head quarters have confirmed that the WERSI Direct sound library will be included as standard (FREE) for all SONIC OAX instruments. The development team are working on the inclusion of the sounds as we go to press. 

This includes the following sounds: 

Chris Powell Theatre Organ Sounds

Blackpool Tower Sounds

Orchestral Colours Sounds 1

Orchestral Colour Sounds 2

Klaus Wunderlich Sounds

Complete WERSI Spectra Sound Library

Celtic Sounds

Fusion Sounds

WERSI Helios Sounds (Drawbars and Latin)

WERSI Helios Sounds (Miller Mood Sounds)








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