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Topic List



General Interest

    20)  OKTOBER-FEST  2016

26) "Making Quality Recordings From An OAS Instrument" By Jeff Ormerod

1)  New OAX Sonic pages for the site 19)  OKTOBER-FEST  2015


  18)  OKTOBER-FEST  2014
24)  Styles 2011 installation instructions

+ Update of additional information discovered

  17)   OKTOBER-FEST 2013

23)  Converting from the Old to the New Drum Editor                                 By Bill Gray

  18)  Robert Bartha's  International Tour 2013
22)   Creating your own User  Drumset  By Bill Gray


17)   OKTOBER-FEST 2012

21)   Bill Gray has sent us his initial  Overview   of the new 'Drum Editor' that we now have with OAS-7 R46.  Also an English translation of the new  Drum Editor Manual 

Click the links to access the PDF files

9)  Pre OAS Tech Data & Assembly Manuals                                                    Sent by Mauro Zanatto 16)   Wersi Direct Open Day at Slough Middlesex

19)  Pegasus Wing Pages  

8)  Building A Wersi                                   By Thomas Shevels        15) Wersi Stand - at the 2012 Musikmesse
18)  Kens Accordions                            By Ken Belton.                        7)  Wega + CD line chips                           By Thomas Shevels 14)  Wersi OAS Voice Packs - from Sounds For Keys                                    Sent by Leigh Wilbraham
17)  OAS-7 User Manual Index -  This index compliments the new OAS-7 PDF Manual produced by Wersi Direct. The index is also in PDF format.                      By Thomas Shevels.  6)  Drawbar Settings                                    By Thomas Shevels 13)   English to German + German to English Musical & Technical Word Translations      By Thomas Shevels     
14)  Review of OAS-7 Revision 43          By Bill Gray 5)  CD Line System Controls                      By Thomas Shevels                                     

12)   OKTOBER-FEST 2011

13)  Church & Theatre Organ Registrations - By Jeff Ormerod 4)  CD Rom Style Cards: as used in "Tower Unit" - By Thomas Shevels 11)  Pegasus Wing Launch  - at the  Pakefield  Festival &  Frankfurt  Musikmesse  April 2011
12)  Sound Quality                                       By Jeff Ormerod 3)  The Sound of Wersi 
By Thomas Shevels
10)          Picture Gallery
11)  Getting the best from 'Drums 2007' By Robert New 2)  Revisiting the Wersi Helios               By Thomas Shevels    9) Pictures of Pauls 'Black Beauty' Wersi Scala                                         From Paul Hunt
10)  One Touch Settings for OAS          By George Brown 1)  I Built a Wersi Organ + My Wersi Organs By Joe Sayers

8) Wersi Direct Exhibition - at 'Kent International Piano & Keyboard Fair' Bexley Kent - Feb 2011

8)  Saving a Preset +                                By Ken Belton  

7)   Wersi Direct Exhibition - at  Key Breaks Festival Bournemouth - November 2010

7)  'Best of Accordions' Sound Package Review - By Ken Belton   6)  Claire Greig tells her Wersi Story   By Claire Greig
6)  The relevance of CPU and RAM in a Wersi Instrument - By Bill Gray   5)  Brett's Tips + Pictures                      By Brett Wales
5)  OAS-7 A Personal Review                By Bill Gray     4)  Pictures from the Pakefield Festival September 2009     
4)  OAS Upgrades - Points to Consider By Bill Gray    2)  Humorous Stories of life on the road - By John Dalley     
3)  How to Copy the OAS Screen        By George Bolton       1)  Profile:                                                      Mark Sayer tells us his musical story
2)  Mariachi Trumpet Sound'                By George Bolton           

 1)  OAS System Controls                          By Thomas Shevels                         





9)  Expression Pedal & Crossfade Feature  By Ken Belton

15) Best of Accordions -  MP3 Demos By  Ken Belton


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