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For Sale & Wanted

If you have an instrument or musical equipment you would like to sell or acquire, you can send me the details + pictures if available and I will place them on this page. Should you sell your Wersi Instrument, could I please ask you to pass on the WersiClub details to the new owner.


Note:  This service is only available to our UK registered members. Please inform me when your item is sold. 

NB. WersiClub UK.Focus  accepts no responsibility for the condition of any instrument or equipment advertised on these pages. Please ensure before purchase that instruments and equipment meet with your minimum requirements.

Important Notice

In the interest of preventing  the misuse of personal e.mail addresses  and Telephone numbers, as from the 26/1/14 they will no longer be displayed in the sales and wants adverts.  If you are interested in any items listed please make your initial enquiries to me at - ken.wersiclub@btinternet.com - and I will pass your your details to the advertiser so they can contact you. 


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