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 Robert Bartha's International Tour 2013

Robert Bartha's International Tour 2013

Having already completed twenty dates across Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France, Robert and his team arrived on our shores to perform three concerts for us in the UK. The first was at the Sheppey Organ Club followed by the Weyhill Electronic Organ Society and then at Swineshead Charity Concerts.

Having never seen Robert perform 'live' before I was fortunate to be able to attend the Weyhill concert.  I will admit to having some reservations as to whether I would enjoy the concert but soon found his enthusiasm was infectious and his powerful performance invigorating.  I think it would be fair to say that his performance went down extremely well with this audience as I am sure it has at all the other venues. 

Robert played his Wersi Louvre 'Volcano Magic' in a style that was a little new to me and possibly our UK audiences, but it was a refreshing experience and one well received by all present.  His music ranged from Glen Miller, classical, through to Lady GaGa and was delivered in a very dynamic and energetic style.  Robert also has a good rapport with the audience.  When playing a German Waltz he enlists two members of the audience to join him on the bench to link arms with him and sway from side to side with the music in traditional manner.  Needless to say the remainder of the audience are encouraged to follow suit.

A great evening that could be summed up as dynamic, energetic and entertaining.  Well worth the five hours of travelling that it took to get there and back.

Below are a few pictures taken by myself, Rudi Perdaen and Wersi Direct.  There may be some more to follow shortly.


       Hands on'  Robert makes full use of the three manual            'Volcano Magic'    (Picture by - Rudi Perdaen)

(Picture by - Wersi Direct)


Jacket off

In full swing

A dynamic song ending

Rudi Perdaen & Thymo Meyer assisted Robert on the tour

Taking a final bow, Robert, Rudi, Thymo and from Wersi Direct  Ben Scott-Hyde & Robert New


   It was good to finally meet up with Rudi after five years of e.mail contact






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