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Pre OAS Assembly Manuals

Our member Mauro Zanatto from Brazil in his search for wiring diagrams for his Wersi Galaxy, found a useful collection of assembly manuals on the net in English that he hopes will help sort his problem.

Mauro has now very kindly sent them to us in the hopes that they may be of use to others.

My thanks to Mauro for sending them.

They are in PDF format and the list is as follows.

Master Assembly Manual Wersi galaxy    AM 075

Tech Data W Series Precision Generator  AM100

Tech Data W Series Electronic Keyers      AM120

Tech Data  Wersimatic  CX1  AM 383

User Guide  CX1 & 2  AM354




Update -3/9/12

Club Member Barrie Doney has sent me a revised list of Pre OAS parts he now has available

If you are interested in any of the items  please contact Barrie direct.  

I now have spares and manuals for Wersi DX Organs.


Analog Spares

Pair of Keyboards
Pair of Fane 12", 100w speakers & tweeters
Mains T/F
PST-PS1-PS2-PS6 power supplies
ZR1-3-4-6-and grey drawbars
LE20 200w amplifier & power supply
G1 Sound generator
GP1 U/M & L/M voicing
PZ2-3-4-5-6 Program drawbars
TP2 Transposer
EF1 Special effects
EF2 Special effects
WV7 Wersivoice x 2
PE36 Pedals
VV2 & 2x VV3 Stereo preamp
P1-13 & 4x 12 Piano
HK13 & HK12 Envelope boards x 4
Spring reverb
V1 & V2 Keyers
AG1 & SW8 switch Wersi Harp
EV70/73 Power amp x 2
RP2 2 Sliders
RP3 3 Sliders
W/M 33-34 & 36 L/M Rhythm
Assorted switch banks
Tab & Rocker covers
Assorted Manuals for Analogue & Digital organs


"I have 90% of panels for a Comet,75% for a Orion and about 15% for a Helios.

The Helios, Orion and Cosmos used similar panels in all of them, so they can be substituted/changed.

I also have a lot of IC's, some of which were manufactured by Wersi and are now very difficult to obtain."






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