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Latest English Translation of the Pegasus Wing Manual

The Latest English Translation of the Pegasus Wing Manual has now been completed by Wersi Direct and is available from their 'Downloads Centre'.

The Manual includes the updates and additional features of the V20 R00.2 and 3 revisions.

Wersi Extra Downloads Centre


                    New Preset Pack - Famous Names           21/9/14

By Dave Woods TTT

Dave Woods from 'Total Transformation Technology' has owned a Pegasus Wing for some time and has now released a Total Preset CD entitled 'Famous Names'

Included on the CD are 56 Total presets complete with styles. Also, 4 Custom Styles that can be used as alternatives for some of the presets and 10 Demo MP3s  The presets are of course fully editable should you wish to customise them to suit your own preference.


The Preset CD can be obtained  from

 Dave Woods at    Tel: 01704 213047

 Peter Armitage at    Tel: 01422 359603