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 Wersi Expansion Packs for Pegasus Wing

The Wersi expansion packs below that are already within the Operating System software of the instrument can be purchased through your Wersi Agent. Just contact them and provide your instruments unique 'System Code' which can be located from the 'Settings' screen then the 'System Info/Activations' tab. For full details of the packages see your dealers website.

Best Of Accordions

As well as different world famous sounds from world famous Accordion types, you also have realistic Accordion control. Virtual Tabs appear on the display allowing you to ‘switch the sound’ as if you were playing a real Accordion!
A must have for lovers of Accordions, Folk and European traditional music!

Church Organs (Sacral Organs)

34 stereo Longwave samples in the finest detail. Sampled from some of Europe's finest classical organs.

Franz Lambert Edition 

Includes: Sounds, Styles, Drum kits and Presets. 78 new Longwave sounds, 2 new drum kits with the famous Franz Lambert Drums of the 70’s, 80 and 90's.

Grand Piano's


A library of versatile pianos await you with the Grand Piano sound package. This package is suited to players looking for more from the piano aspect.


James Last Edition

New Sounds, Styles, Total Presets. 40 Sounds in total – including some incredible Choir sounds. 20 new styles, many Total Preset setups.


Includes: 21 sounds that feature the Portamento effect. Portamento allows you to slide the sound between notes. This is particularly helpful and effective when playing with Brass and Guitar sounds, or perhaps a jazz clarinet.


Selector Plus

Selector Plus allows users to increase the sound levels of the instrument by now having 4 sounds for the upper manuals, 3 sounds for the lower manual (left hand) and 2 sounds for pedal. plus additional split points.


Theatre Organs


Includes: 20 new stereo Longwave sounds.  Features the famous Theatre organ in all its glory.


World Of Organs


A collection of over 50 different organ types from Hammond samples to historic European and American organ types.


World Of Synths

Includes: 256 of the coolest, most sought after synth, dance and pop sounds.


     Wersi Direct Software Packages

This software is exclusive to Wersi Direct.  For full details please visit

 New Pegasus Wing Software            

Orchestral & Choirs - 30 One Touch Settings – designed from the ground up especially for the Pegasus Wing and Pegasus Wing Duo Pro. The Software is designed to work with and without the Selector Plus expansion. If you have Selector Plus, you have 4 sounds for the Upper Manual (Right Hand) preset by professional musicians and 3 sounds for the Lower Manual (Left Hand). It is important to know that this isn’t simply a conversion of the OAS 7 Orchestral and Choirs software, but a completely newly designed software exclusive to the Pegasus Wing!

Theatre Organ Magic Vol.1 (Requires the Theatre Organ Sounds to be activated). This special new software features the sound of the mighty Theatre Organ! Using the wonderful Stereo Theatre Organ samples of the Theatre Organ sound expansion (Optional extra), this expansion has been created to also work with or without the Selector Plus expansion too.

ABBA Easywave
10 Backing Tracks to accompany you! This excellent package allows you to sound like a pro straight out of the box!

Style Edition Vol.1             

20 - New Styles for Pegasus Wing