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 Congratulations and our thanks once again to the Wersi Direct team for organising yet another very successful and enjoyable  Oktober-Fest  with a full all star casting.  Below you will find a some pictures I have taken from around the Festival. 

As Wersi Direct have already uploaded many pictures of the event, Wersi Direct Pictures  to save duplication and my web space I will just place a select few here from the collection of pictures that I took 

Some Video Links

Franz 1     Franz 2     Florian & Henrik    Finale

Guests Arriving were greeted with music from an Oktoberfest regular visitor  Flemming Kenn Hansen from Denmark playing Accordion

Not quite sure about this??  Something to do with    a 'Wizard of Wersi'!!

I Said OOMPA OOMPA  not Umpa Lumpa!!!

Special guest artist Phillype de la Flop plays the     typewriter song

Phillype de la Flop

Claire Grieg plays Sonic 700

Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe plays Sonic 1000

Brett plays the Pergamon

Florian Hutter

Jon Smith

Jurgen Tichy

Rene Winter

Tom Barber - Mosquitoes Parade

Tom Barber - Coronation Scott

Tom Barber - Superman

Claire Grieg - Tech Session

Robert Bartha - Tech Session


Tom Barber - Superman

Florian Hutter with Henrik Larsen

Big problem with these two guys, they did not know how to play out of tune and use wrong notes!!!

So I felt I just had to provide some tuition!!

Fridays Late night Bar

Fridays Late night Bar

Live Podcast

Ben introduces a Klaus Track  'Strangers in tights'!!

Bens Catchphrase Game

Cold Turkey perhaps??


Getting a bit lively

A Couple of 'Specials' join Franz for a chorus of El Andaluz

And Then there were Three


Is there no end to this mans talents??


Brett Superman or is it Convict 99?? not sure!


 Flemming and Jurgen


Clair Rob And Robert

Rene Franz and Florian

Brett and Ben

The Lot !!