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 Congratulations and our thanks  to the Wersi Direct team for organising once again another very successful and enjoyable  Oktober-Fest  with a full all star casting.  Below you will find a some pictures from around the Festival. 

  A full written report can be found on Colin's site.  Here

Friday Concerts and late night Bar

Hansel Scott-Hyde

Hansel and Gretel perform the opening Concert. I think the song they played was    'Isn't She Lovely'

Gretel Wales

Ahh look, Butter wouldn't melt!!

hOops!! the horns are starting to show

Claire Greig with the Pegasus Wing Duo

Claire Greig

Ian Griffin

Ian Griffin

Brett plays the Sonic

Brett Wales

Tom recons Franz's golden Atlantis would look good in his music room in Australia

 Florian Hutter

Entertains at the Friday night

'Late Night Bar'


Saturday around the Festival and evening Concerts

David Dunlaps

OAS -Tech Session

Brett Demo's the Sonic

Brett Demo's the Sonic

Getting serious now, the wallets are getting agitated!!

Jon Smith

Jon Smith

Rob New


David Dunlap

Robert Bartha

Florian Hutter

Come on Tom, get it right!!

Another guest plays the Sonic

Errr - waiter, my soup has escaped from its bowl!!!!


Franz Lambert's  Late Night Bar

See also a  Video  taken and sent to us by Peter Crowe









Look who's got the biggest lamp!!


Ben's - Name That Tune

Ben's -'Name That Tune'- was compared by Ben and assisted by the lovely Conchita.  Music by Elvis Wales on the Wersi Galaxis

Contestants with Ben and Conchita  (alias Charlie Weeks-Bell)

Elvis Wales

My table has got better legs than that!!!


Come on Jon!!  What's that tune??

Elvis plays the note

The tension mounts

Yes!!! he's got it!!!  Jon's team wins the star prize


 Final Concerts & Finale






The End