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 Congratulations and our thanks  to the Wersi Direct team for organising once again another very successful and enjoyable  Oktober-Fest  with a full all star casting.  Below you will find a some pictures from around the Festival. 

  A full written report can be found on Colin's site.  Here

Ben & Brett's opening concert

Claire Grieg starts off the Friday evening concerts


 Followed by Ben Scott-Hyde

 Then Robert Bartha


Florian Hutters Friday  Late Night Bar

     Florian played for us with a varied selection of music for almost three hours and looked as relaxed and unruffled when he stopped playing as he did when he started.  What an extraordinary natural talent this guy has, absolutely brilliant.  It was of course well appreciated by all with much audience participation as the evening drew to a close.


Florian and Friends

  Saturday Afternoon and Evening Concerts

Florian Hutter

Robert Bartha

Claire Grieg

Robert New 

Jon Smith

David Dunlap

Claudia Hirschfeld's  Late Night Bar

      Claudia's Late Night Bar session started a little late just before midnight but continued until 2.30 am.  As is usual with  Claudia, her music was well appreciated throughout the session ending up on demand with a very vocal rendition of  'MYYE  WAYEE'  from our festival goers and the hotel residents alike.  A great evening.


The Ale was quite strong I think!!


Err!!!  Is that what they use as 'Bagpipes' in "Wales" ??


      WersiClub International  Members Meeting

Despite the 10am start after Claudia's Late night Bar, about 20 of our members attended the meeting. Our thanks go to our hosts for providing a time and a room for us amongst their very full programme of events.



WersiPlayersGroup  is an independent international group site that was started by myself about two years ago.  The main emphasis of the group is the Wersi Instrument owners themselves, their kind of music, experiences, and how they use their instruments.

I am very pleased to welcome eight new members that have joined the group at the festival this year.  I hope it will be of interest and maybe you will share some of your Wersi experiences or send us an occasional Wersi MP3 recording that you may have made. 

There is space and much potential within this group site to advance with new ideas and possibly expand in new directions.  So if any member has any thoughts or suggestions that you feel would help or be useful, please drop me an e.mail.



Around The Sessions

David Dunlap's

How Do you Do That


Claire Grieg with the Pegasus Wing

Claire Grieg with the Pegasus Wing

Robert Bartha introduces the New Sonic

Robert Bartha introduces the New Sonic

The three gentlemen in the centre of the picture are from Germany and are now members of our WersiClub & WPG groups.  It was noted during the Saturday 'Late Night Bar' that with sufficient lubricant, they did a good impersonation of the 'Three Tenors'  Hope to hear them again next time.

Ben's - Blankety Blank Blankety Blank

Meet The Panel

From the top Left we have

Robert Bartha

Claire Grieg

Florian Hutter

Claudia Hirschfeld

David Dunlap

Daniel Watt

Your host - Ben Scott-Hyde + Super Computer Bert (Charlie Weeks)

The Panel

The Wales guy once again plays musical enhancements

Contestants Lynne and Catherine

He's muckier than his new baby

Whats that on your card Cath?

Has David got the right match?

Another use for the Blankety Blank Microphone

Super Computer Bert

New Contestants     Pauline and Peter



Congratulations to Mr Richard Papworth who won the star prize of a free booking for next years festival.

My apologies to him for not capturing the moment on camera as I fell off my perch as the prize was awarded.

(Late night bar syndrome I think!!!)


     Final Concerts & Finale

Brett Wales

Robert Bartha

Claudia Hirschfeld

The Team take a bow

That's my FOOT!!!*** not the pedal

Who's this ???

David & Claudia

Robert & Robert


The End


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