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 Congratulations and our thanks  to the Wersi Direct team for organising yet another very successful and enjoyable  Oktober-Fest        Below you will find a some pictures from around the Festival.    A full written report can be found on Colin's site.  Here

Byron Jones

Byron Jones

Jurgen plays in the Late Night Bar

Tech session with Daniel on the Pegasus Wing

Tech session with Daniel on the Pegasus Wing

Tech session with Brett on the Wersi Louvre

Tech session with Robert on the Wersi Abacus

Brett plays the Pegasus Wing

Franz Lambert

Franz and his wife Christa chat with Alan Ashton

Alan receives a round of thanks for his Klaus Wunderlich  presentation

Meeting of  WersiClub International  Members

Our meeting was well attended and was truly an international event this year with members from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and even one from  Australia.  Some good points were raised a couple of which were similar to things I had tried to implement before but were not feasible in the early days of the club.   So with this new incentive and the much improved Wersi situation that we now find ourselves in, I will look into them again.


WersiPlayersGroup  is an independent international group site that was started by myself about a year ago with the main emphasis being the members themselves,  their kind of music and how they use their instruments.

 Initially I invited all WersiClub International members to join this additional group which is now steadily growing in numbers and has much potential for new topics and ideas.

If you are a WersiClub International member that hesitated on joining straight away but now like the look of how things are shaping up please drop me an e.mail to register. However, as an independent group site it is not necessary to register with WersiClub first to join this group, but I am sure you will want to join both.    wersiplayersgroup@btinternet.com

To quote from WPG's latest member Tom Barber from Australia when I was awestruck by his i pad or whatever it was, he said to me "get on board Ken"  So that's what I am inviting you to do also.

Note:  Some possibly associate this site as being only for the Pegasus Wing Keyboard which is understandable as articles I have put on this site recently are about my latest acquisition - the' Pegasus Wing'. However, this is not the case as  all owners and players of Wersi instruments old and new are invited to register with the group and, of course, participate should they wish to do so.

Ben's - Play Your Cards Right

 'Play Your Cards Right' had to be the best 'hoot' of the festival that had us all in fits of laughter.  Ben's interpretation of the game show used playing cards of Wersi Organs with the contestants guessing if the instrument on the next card was older or newer.  A little unforeseen, half an hour into the game nobody had managed to 'play their cards right' and win a prize.  This however, (as dinner time was fast approaching) was rectified by a little peeking and card shuffling on the part of the lovely Cynthia (Charlie Weeks) then, suprise suprise, everyone was a winner.

Contestants came from far and wide with one gentleman called Shirley, who said he came from India and had arrived by 'magic carpet'  To add even more excitement to the proceedings, Cynthia got herself entangled with the card rack which sent cards tumbling everywhere and almost collapsing the rack altogether with Ben having to step in to stabilize the situation.  Also to add authenticity to the game, music was added to enhance and express the highs and lows of the proceedings. For this they used a Wersi Galaxy organ and roped in some guy who was lurking around in the bar to play it.  I think his name was Wales or something!!   However, he did an excellent job with this and I think he will go far, possibly on the next 'magic carpet' to India.!!  Didn't they all do well!!??

Hilarious, well done guys

Sorry Cath & Roy, you played your cards wrong  Ahh

The guy they called Wales, provides Musical enhancements

Cynthia turns the contestants cards

Didn't they do well !!  Mary and Joe win a prize

Final Concerts & Finale

Jurgen Titchy

Robert New

Brett Wales

The Team take a Bow

Playing Altogether

Brett & Franz

Robert & Jurgen

Ben & Daniel



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