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 Congratulations must go to the Wersi Direct team for organising yet another successful Oktoberfest.  You will find a few pictures from around the Festival below and a full written report on Colin's site. Here

The Organ Collection

Claudia Plays in the 'Late Night Bar'

Robert In Concert

Robert plays in the 'Late Night Bar'

         Terry Mounsey  -  Your the Star

               Martin Moss  -  Your the Star        








Meeting of WersiClub International Members

The two gentlemen in the front row are our members from the USA. In white shirt,  Michael McKenzie (known as Spike) and in the blue     Jim Krause.


Bill Horn & Friends

OOOH!!  You wait till you get home Bill

Bill & Ben    Now where have I heard that before??

Was that 'The look of Love' you were playing Guys ?

Brett in Concert

Daniel in Concert

Ok!!  I know your in there somewhere??

(Despite his lack of appreciation of the finer points of the Accordion LOL!!)  Daniel gave us some excellent tuition sessions. 

Has Anyone seen Robert??