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Well, the long awaited Oktoberfest has taken place and what a great event it was.  The Wersi Direct team have to be congratulated for making this event a great success for everyone and I am sure it will be just the first of many.           To arrange an event such as this and then see it become a reality, after a lapse of many years of anything similar in the UK, must have been a great relief for the team who have worked hard and spent a very long time and I'm sure had many a sleepless night during the organising of it.

After checking in we all gathered in the concert hall to be welcomed by the team who then presented a short light hearted film of Wersi direct over the past twelve months.  Then, after a quick  change, off to the excellent Menzies East Cliff Court restaurant for dinner.  At 8pm the first concert was due to start and I think now I will let the pictures below tell the story of Oktoberfest 2011


Jurgen Tichy is the first up to start the Friday night concerts, giving us a 'World Tour of Music'  He really set my feet tapping when he played music from his 'Homeland' which is a particular favourite type of music of mine.

After a short interval Byron Jones was next to take to the stage. He played a varied mixture of Orchestral and Theatre music and even some Seagulls from Cornwall could be heard.

Another short interval then Brett Wales takes to the stage on the 'Louvre'. Brett's performance was at his usual high standard that we have all come to know, respect and admire.

Picture by Roy Foreman

Brett playing the new 'Pegasus Wing'

 It sounded good, but somehow he doesn't look quite right does he !!?

Picture by Roy Foreman

Brett's magic fingers playing the new 'Pegasus Wing' Keyboard (side screen)

Ben Scott-Hyde rounds of the first evening playing in the 'Late Night Bar'


Byron starts the morning of with an informal concert in his usual friendly relaxed manner. He played some requests from the audience and included some tunes from his home in Wales.

Questions and Answers Session

Following Byron's concert a question and answers session was run by Brett and Ben during which several varied questions were raised by those present.


From 1 pm a series of Tutorials were given by Ben, Brett, Bill Horn, and Robert.

Ben talked about the Pegasus Wing and also how to build presets.

Brett gave us some useful ideas for using the organ 'Drawbars'.

Bill talked about Pedals and easy improvisation.

Robert gave us an insight into the open Art arranger and making the best of Styles and Real Drums.

I think all of us that attended the sessions came away with some new things to try out, and for that matter things we had never seen before. The Wersi instrument is capable of many things so subjects for future Tutorials at other events will never be in short supply.

Robert New started the evening concert sessions off by adding a more modern slant. After dispensing with his shoes he played an arrangement of a Lady Gaga song - something not usually heard at organ concerts. 

Next on was Ben Scott-Hyde who gave us a good selection of tunes using the Wersi Pegasus Wing Keyboard and the Scala organ.

After a short interval Bill Horn took to the stage. He had us all in stitches when his glove puppet took over the microphone for the first number.  This was later followed by some memorable renditions of 'Wonderful World' and 'If I were a Rich Man' amongst others.   

Picture by Roy Foreman

Bill Horn 

A great guy and a good all round entertainer.

Picture by Roy Foreman

At 11pm we were entertained in the 'Late night Bar' by Jurgen Tichy playing Robert's Abacus Duo pro. For me personally, this was one of the musical highlights of the festival. I have never seen or heard Jurgen play before but found his style and humour was certainly to my taste. This session was made even more entertaining by the occasional appearance of Bill Horn with Jurgen and Bill then sparring and bouncing humour off each other to the amusement of us all.

12.15 am came round and thinking that Jurgen would soon be packing up I could not resist asking him if he had any more 'Music from his Homeland' in there somewhere. The German instrument then became very excited and started 'shrieking and yodelling' to itself while he tried to find something suitable.  This seemed to be well appreciated not only by me but by all that were left in the bar at this stage.  After this, Jurgen played us 'one more' then just 'one more' that went on until 1.30 am, at which point the hotel management were standing in the doorway giving us some very stern looks. I think they wanted us to go !!  Jurgen then rounded things up with a couple of choruses of Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart  What a great evening.


WersiClub Members

Picture by Catherine Foreman

Another highlight for me was to finally meet some of our members that I have only had e.mail or telephone conversation with over the past four years that the club has been running. It was great to put some faces to what have only been names, and what a great bunch they were. A group photo for the site was definitely the order of the day to capture the moment.

There were eight members altogether which may not sound very many for such an event, but the Wersi community is very small  and our Members are spread all over the country so to get eight together in the little corner of Bournemouth on the South coast is pretty good. There is one member not in the picture as she had to leave Sunday morning, so she has a picture below all to herself that I took on Saturday night at the concerts

Lets put some names to them.  There are a couple of member's 'other halves' in the picture and whether or not they play themselves 'other halves' usually can't escape involvement with Wersi in some way or another, so why not.

From the left: Terry Mounsey, Roy Foreman, short guy in front Ken (me),  Marvin and Carol Richards,  Mary and Joe Sayers,  Jean Mounsey,  Colin Moore.

Lynne Wraight - WersiClub Member

The Paparazzi are in

 Daniel Watt did his usual excellent job with cameras, lighting, and computers etc. In the background is stage and  sound manager Charlie Weeks-Bell.



Picture by Roy Foreman

The Wersi Direct team and artistes

 From the left:  Robert New, Keith Ballard (Engineer), Brett Wales,           Jurgen Tichy, Ben Scott-Hyde and Bill Horn  (Byron Jones left on Saturday)

Sunday morning three more concerts were performed by Bill Horn, Ben and Brett and the raffle was drawn. Our farewells were said and we went off in separate directions but all with the sound of Wersi ringing in our ears and our own particular memories and highlights from the weekend.

To summarise - a great weekend enjoyed by all.


For the WesiClub Members that attended Oktoberfest you may be interested in this e.mail Colin and I have received from the Wersi Direct Team today  25/10/11

The WERSI Direct Ltd team would like to extend our sincere thanks to both of you, and also to the members of both WERSI Club International and WERSI Club UK.Focus. All of the hard work has paid off and we are all quite excited and keen to start organising the 2012 festival, which will be bigger and longer with more concerts and even more tutorials.

A DVD will be available before Christmas. We'll keep you advised of the

Kind regards,The WERSI Direct Ltd Management Team.


(Just a point of clarification. WersicClub International and WersiClub UK.Focus are the same club with the same membership. We just have two websites that are run independently, this allows Colin and myself to concentrate on our individual club priorities for the full benefit of        WersiClub members.)