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News Desk



Iím pleased to announce that the OAX edition of the Wersi HD Series Upgrade Manual is now up to date with the inclusion of Chapter 7 - ďInstalling and Configuring VB3-IIĒ. If youíre into your drawbar sounds, I can thoroughly recommend this new version for both quality and authenticity. If you missed my review of the software you can read it at:-



Unlike previous versions that had to be run exclusively within a VST/AU host, this new edition also includes a stand-alone version, making it much easier to install, configure and operate. And better still, whereas the VST/AU host versions required the VB3 presets to be set up in the host, in the stand-alone edition they can now be accessed directly from the OAX total presets.


Since software of this type is typically designed to run on a wide range of midi based systems, itís necessary to construct a customised configuration to run on the Wersi. This is detailed in the Upgrade Manual. Once again Iím indebted to Curt from WersiClub USA for testing out this configuration on OAX, and for verifying that it works. You can find Chapter 7 of the OAX Upgrade Manual at:-




Iíve also replaced the ĎVB3 Virtual Hammond Organí entry on the ĎSample Sets and Demosí section with information on the new VB3-II software. For the demos, Iíve retained the original VB3 recordings of ĎWaveí and ĎGo Westí. The reason for this is that I had for some time a late 1960s Hammond tonewheel organ, and both versions of this software can equally well replicate that sound. The difference however is that the VB3 version only has three different tonewheel models, and they all sound pretty similar, so a good deal of tweaking was necessary both in the software and in the AU host (Mainstage) to obtain an authentic sound. The VB3-II version has 22 completely different tonewheel models, so it was necessary only to select the appropriate model and this sounded just right without any further adjustment. But as the great Groucho Marx once said, ďThese are my principles, if you donít like Ďem, Iíve got others!Ē. With 22 different tonewheel models to choose from, and a much larger set of tonal controls than the VB3 version, you can get any sound you like.


For the demo of ĎA Whiter Shade of Paleí by Procol Harum, I thought it would be fun to try something different. I have a note by note transcription of the Hammond Organ part played by the groupís organist, Mathew Fisher, on the original recording. Itís an extremely well-constructed arrangement that provides a perfect counterpoint to the vocal, but we donít often get to hear this as the vocal takes precedence, so I decided to feature this for the VB3-II demo. The group always denied that the organ part was based on Bachís ĎAir on the G Stringí, but itís very Bach like in character so I thought it would be good to give the demo a classical flavour and use strings for the melody. As a taster of things to come then, we have the entire string section of the 109 piece orchestra playing for us from Spitfire Audioís Albion One orchestral library. And as an extra treat, this is the extended version of the song with an extra verse and organ solo taken from the groupís ďLive at the Union ChapelĒ performance in December 2003. The new VB3-II material and demos can be found at:-








Hi everyone,


Iíve recently completed a major update to the Wersi HD Series Upgrade Manual. There are a number of new items that may be of interest to all Wersi owners. For those contemplating an enhancement to their instrument, the new Chapter 1 provides more detail on the thinking behind the HD Series concept. For those wanting a more authentic drawbar sound, the new Chapter 7 provides more information on the new VB3-II software, and for those thinking of upgrading an OAX instrument, we now have the first part of the OAX version of the Upgrade Manual. Here are all the changes.

  1. New Upgrade Manual Structure
    The manual is now divided into two parts, Part 1 covers the installation and configuration of the HD Series hardware whilst Part 2 covers the installation and configuration of the HD Series software. Part 1 is expected to remain fairly constant, but with the huge and ever increasing amount of new generation software that can be installed on the system, Part 2 is set to expand considerably, so I thought it should have its own dedicated section.


  2. New Chapter 1
    Iíve added an introductory section to the HD Series Upgrade Manual to explain in more detail the thinking behind the HD Series concept, and what Iím seeking to achieve with the upgrade. There are a number of different ways in which a Wersi instrument can be enhanced, and many owners who do this will have their own particular preferences. For me there are some essential design objectives that have to be met, and these are detailed in this chapter along with the ways in which they are implemented. A number of other popular options for enhancing a Wersi instrument are also considered in relation to these design objectives, and the pros and cons of the HD approach are discussed. So if you are thinking of enhancing your Wersi instrument, I hope that this will give you a clearer idea of why I chose this particular option, and where Iím going with all of this.


  3. Updated Chapter 2
    Iíve expanded the software section of this chapter to include more of the kind of new generation software that would be useful to install on this type of instrument.


  4. Updated Chapter 4 (OAS Manual)
    This now features the latest version of the Kontakt Player, Kontakt 6. As far as I can tell there isnít much difference from the previous version in the way that it operates, but some of the menus have changed. So if you are installing Kontakt for the first time, the text now relates to the new version.


  5. New Chapter 7 (OAS Manual)
    This is an entirely new chapter on installing and configuring the new VB3-II Hammond Organ. As a Hammond organist of many years standing (I never got round to buying a stool!) I can thoroughly recommend this package. Itís the closest that Iíve ever heard to the real thing. If you want to know more about this software, and particularly if you are considering installing it on an OAS/X instrument, give it a read. Like all software thatís designed to be compatible with a wide range of midi controllers, there are some specific setup operations that have to be done for implementation on the Wersi.


  6. New Chapter 8(OAS Manual)
    Iíve added a new chapter on ĎFurther Enhancements to the HD Seriesí. Currently this details the new graphical user interface. If you havenít seen this yet then you can check it out here.


  7. New OAX version of the Upgrade Manual (Part 1)
    Iím in the process of constructing an OAX version of the Upgrade Manual. Part 1 is now available. Not owning a Sonic, Iím most grateful to my two ĎSuper-Sonicí friends, Curt from WersiClubUSA and Geoff from the Wersi Owners Forum, for helping me with this, and in particular for verifying the instructions in Chapter 3 where we look at setting up the external midi system.

Still to come

  1. New VB3-II demos
    Iíll be re-recording the VB3 audio demos using the new VB3-II version so you can get an idea of how this sounds.


  2. Part 2 of the OAX Upgrade Manual
    Iím constructing Part 2 of the OAX Upgrade Manual. This will cover the installation and configuration of the same software as that featured for OAS. This could prove tricky as the external midi system on OAX is not as straightforward as that on OAS, so Iíll need to put my thinking cap on!

    You can find the new updated manual on ĎThe Upgrade Manualsí page of the HD Series web site at:-





Iím pleased to announce that Part 2 of the OAX Upgrade Manual is now online. In this part we cover the installation, configuration, testing and integration into the OAX of a number of HD software packages. The following chapters are now available.


Chapter 5 Ė Installing and Configuring Kontakt

Iím indebted to Curt from WersiClubUSA for his excellent videos on the OAX external MIDI sounds system, information from which Iíve used extensively to construct this chapter. For optimum performance Iím recommending that we use the dynamic method of MIDI channel assignment. This gives us the most efficient, flexible implementation for allocating and selecting sounds, and seamless integration with the OAX internal sound allocation system.


Chapter 6 Ė Installing and Configuring Hauptwerk

This proved problematical largely due to the pre-configured Hauptwerk installation that Wersi have provided on the Sonic. This has two major deficiencies. Firstly, itís configured only for two manual virtual instruments. A good number of the virtual instruments in Hauptwerk are three manuals or more. Secondly, it doesnít allow stop combinations set up in Hauptwerk to be selected from the OAX total presets and/or thumb pistons, which is the way a pipe organist would want to play it. The good news is that we have devised a new Hauptwerk configuration that resolves both of these issues. Itís scalable to virtual instruments that have any number of manuals and can handle any number of stop combinations directly from the OAX. Once again my thanks to Curt for his valuable help in testing this out for me on the Sonic, and verifying that it actually works!


Chapter 8 Ė Further Enhancements

This is identical to Chapter 8 of the OAS Upgrade Manual. At the second processor level there is no difference between the two systems. I thought it would be useful however to have a separate chapter on future developments given the potential that a general purpose independent processor brings to the instrument, both in customising the instrument to a userís particular preferences and also providing all manner of features not available in the OAS/X. The ability to select a complete set of sounds and registrations for a given piece of music automatically from the sheet music is an example of this. If you havenít checked this out yet you can find details of how this is accomplished in the section entitled ĎAutomatic Loading of Soundsí at the end of the chapter.


Still to Come

Work is in progress to construct the OAX version of Chapter 7 Ė Installing and Configuring VB3-II. This is the new Virtual Hammond Organ from GSI. There are two requirements here. Since itís a general purpose piece of software designed to work with a wide range of MIDI systems, to get the best out of it we will need to construct a customised VB3-II configuration suitable for implementation on the Wersi. Also this new version has a user programmable preset facility for its sounds, and these presets can be selected directly by their MIDI Program Change numbers. So as with Hauptwerk, we will be able to select these from the OAX total presets. Given that a VB3-II preset captures every single control on the instrument plus a full set of drawbars for both manuals and pedals and all the parameters on the various settings menus, this is a very powerful feature and a significant improvement on the previous version.







WersiClub UK Website Reprieve

Hi Folks

In the light of recent good news I have just become aware of, plus a few kind e.mails from members since I made the site closure announcement, I have now decided to reverse my decision to remove the site at this stage and have reinstated it with the service provider for a further year.

 It was not until shortly after I had made the decision that it came to my attention that efforts were being made behind the scenes by a couple of our well known artist to try to get things back on track for the UK owners. (see note opposite) After being given this encouraging  news, plus the e.mail feedback received from members that appreciated the site being here as a focal portal, I realized that it would not be in the best interest of anyone to remove the site at this stage.   For all concerned that are doing their very best to help UK owners, at the moment they need all the encouragement they can get and I am sure we all wish them well with their endeavours.

The site continues in the same format and is still running on my outdated software so I hope the computer keeps going for a bit longer yet!!  There may be a few changes to reflect the current situation but it will operate much  the same as before but, as now appreciated, still serving the purpose as an independent  Wersi focal portal for links and information etc.

As stated below in the closure notice, there is scope with a site like this for it to be improved upon and taken to another level from someone with fresh ideas and more knowledge of how to do things. As for me well, I have only just got to grips with 'Alexandra Graham Bell's Telephone'!!!  So give it some thought folks.

Looking forward with anticipation to a brighter Wersi 2019 for all of us in the UK.



Good News From Claire Greig

Brett Wales and Claire Greig have been working alongside MusicStore and Wersi Hochrhein for the last few months to try and secure a stable future for Wersi within the UK.

 With Allen's being the main UK dealer, we are providing support to them, and all Wersi owners in the UK, in conjunction with MusicStore and Wersi Hochrhein. All existing warranties are covered through Germany, with service being carried out throughout the UK. Further support will be available, including tuition days with Brett Wales, more information on all aspects will follow.


WersiClub Website Closure

Hi Folks

Owing to this site being run on a very outdated software program that is not supported by the latest Windows versions plus the lack of new content chiefly from myself as other pursuits have taken precedence, I have decided the time seems right for me to bring the website to a close.

The site will continue to run until the 5th of December, so if there are any points of interest within the articles that you may like to print off or download now is the time to do it.  The contents of the website will still be retained by myself so should anyone need a particular article or reference after that date I may be able to mail it to you as the e.mail address will still be active.

I still play Wersi amongst other instruments and no doubt, like the proverbial 'bad penny' will pop in on Geoff's  Wersi Owners Forum and Curt's  WersiClub USA site from time to time.

As we are all aware, things have changed quite dramatically over the past eleven years since Colin and I first started our sites with the old 'quill pen' method, both in terms of instrument technology and what can now be achieved via the internet if you have the know how to use it.  Perhaps now the time is right for a fresh approach with some new ideas from someone to take things forward a little maybe on the lines that Curt took with the USA site, food for thought.

I hope you continue to enjoy whatever instruments you play and best wishes to you all.


New VB3-II


Genuine Software and Instruments (GSI) have recently released a new version of their VB3 Hammond Organ software, VB3-II. Wersi owners will be familiar with this product line. An older version was made available as an optional VST plug-in on OAS models, and the previous version is one of the standard drawbar units on OAX models. Since this is a completely new product, not an update, I thought it would be useful to try it out, see what it can do and report my findings in the attached review. I think the review will be of particular interest to those OAX owners seeking a better drawbar sound on their instruments, and to OAS owners who have upgraded their instruments to run this type of software on a second processor.






See the review Here



Wersi Organ Showcase

 'Curtain Down'

Hi Everyone,

 Iím pleased to announce that the Wersi Organ Showcase is now complete with the final section ĎCurtain Downí, now on line. In this section we end as we began with music that includes many of the features demonstrated in the Showcase. And as an encore, a little bit of nonsense that I hope will amuse you, ĎMr. Wersi presents his amazing digital big bandí, where not everything goes quite according to plan!

 I hope that you have found the Showcase interesting, informative and entertaining. If you are the owner of an OAS instrument you are welcome to continue to delve into its contents as you explore more and more of this amazing instrument. Wersiís decision to base the Sonic on the design, architecture and technology of the OAS range means that by a stroke of good fortune many of the OAS features demonstrated in the Showcase are also applicable to the OAX models. So I hope that Sonic owners too will enjoy exploring these on their instruments. However, hereís something that surprised me when I did the analysis. An astonishing 53% of the Showcase content, 21 out of the 40 audio demos, cannot currently be replicated in part or in their entirety on the Sonic, either because the relevant feature is not available in the OAX or the required activation package is not available. We can only hope that this will improve with future OAX updates.

 There are a couple of new features in the Showcase to mention. I have added a ĎShowcase Playlistí to the home page. This provides a quick and easy way of accessing the music featured in the Showcase for those who would just like to listen to the audio demos. The Playlist identifies the demos according to their musical genre and also includes a brief description of the playing feature associated with each demo and the Showcase section in which it appears. I have also re-styled the HD Series area of the web site so that the Showcase has a consistent design across all of its content. This now provides a totally integrated environment in which both the mature technology of the OAS/X instruments and the new generation technology of the HD Series can be showcased.


 My intention now is to further develop the HD Series component of the Showcase to feature many more high quality sounds and innovative playing features. Still to come, the stunning orchestral sounds of the Symphonic Series sample library from Spitfire Audio, whose strings, brass and woodwind are ably demonstrated here by this clever Frenchman.


And for the style users amongst us, the ultimate style creation package, Band in a Box.







Hi everyone,

I have published three videos featuring a display system for the Wersi HD series instruments. I touched on this briefly in the Upgrade Manual but didnít want to be too prescriptive as the flexibility of the HD concept enables every owner to do their own thing and construct a system to their own particular requirements. However, I thought that you might be interested in my implementation, hence the videos.

Essentially the display system is a totally integrated environment for downloading, installing, configuring and operating all of the HD software. In keeping with the overall HD Series philosophy, Iíve employed the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid). Everything we need is contained on one single screen of the display. So thereís none of this scrolling through menu after menu that would be necessary if we were to implement these functions on the organís main processor. Furthermore, the use of an independent second processor completely avoids all the restrictions and limitations inherent in trying to run this software in a VST host within the OAX. The result is a much simpler, easy to use, stable and resilient universal operating environment, offering complete software flexibility. And the system is infinitely expandable to accommodate any type of software. Coming soon will be the installation of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) which is going to take the instrument to a completely new level of capability.

 You can view the videos at:-





               Sales And Wants Clarification        10/3/17

Hi Folks

Just a quick note of clarification regarding items advertised in the 'sales and wants' section on this site.

When WersiClub first started some nine years ago and I launched the UK.Focus website, I thought it would be good to have a page where our UK members could advertise their Wersi instruments for sale and also to acquire items they were looking for.

Over the years these pages have had a lot of use with many members instruments being sold or re-homed, so I suppose therefore, it is a reasonable assumption to presume that anyone offering such a service would be making some form of charge to the advertiser.

The point I would like to clarify is, that this has always been a free service to our UK members, still is, and will always be as long as the pages exist.  I am just one member running a club site providing these pages for our UK members of which there is no charge to them or personal gain to myself.

A while back I stopped putting members personal e.mail addresses and telephone numbers on their adds to protect their identity and directed interested parties to contact me for the advertisers details.  This has the advantage of not only protecting the members identity but also I am able to monitor the progress of any sale.  Please note however, that although all the adds have my e.mail address for contact, they are not all my instruments.




As regular visitors to the WersiClub International web site will know, Colin Moore had for some time been publishing a series of Master Classes featuring the OAS Sound Factory package. Colin had a particular interest in the features and facilities of this software, and was keen to share its capabilities with the wider Wersi community.

The team producing the Master Classes comprised Ian Terry, Colin Moore and myself. Ian is the brains of the operation providing the source material, I produced the audio demos and Colin put the whole thing together. There are a small number of Master Classes left in the series, and Ian and I would very much like to see Colinís initiative through to completion

If you are a user of the Sound Factory, or just have an interest in this area, and would like to become involved in the production of the Master Classes, you would be most welcome to join the team.  Itís worth mentioning too that even if you are an OAX owner, we expect that the Sound Factory will ultimately be made available on these instruments as well, either in its present form or updated, so a familiarity with the Master Class material will provide a good primer for anyone intending to use this software in the future.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the project, or would like to know more about what we do, Iíd be more than happy to discuss possibilities. You can contact me at:-


Thanks in anticipation


                                    Latest Site News                 25/11/116

The rearranging of this site to incorporate many of Colin's OAS articles has progressed faster and better than anticipated.  The site has had a bit of a winter turn out (so to speak) with all sections being revised and easier navigation links to all sections from within each section have been added.

The UK.Focus site never had an active OAS section for two reasons 1, to try to avoid duplicating much of the same material on both sites, and 2, and more importantly, Colin had a great way of being able to study and produce really good articles on this subject, and possibly any other topic he put his mind to in a way I could never come even close to achieving.

It is these articles that I will now over a period of time incorporate in the new OAS section of this site.

You will have noticed the four new instrument pictures on the top of the home page that link to each instrument section, Just click on the OAS Instrument picture and this will take you to the OAS-7 File and article Index. The first page on this list will contain all the links to Colin's Articles as  and when they are sorted and uploaded to the site. The second page of the index will have links to OAS articles that already exist on this site and were written by other members.

I hope this helps a little to explain the changes taking place.


                           WersiClub Website's Update        22/11/116

Some positive news regarding our Websites.

I have been informed  by Colin's family that his website will remain on line until his server contract ends which is in approximately another years time.  This is good news for two reasons, first, the sites vast amount of information will still be available for us as a reference even though it will not be added too. Secondly, it will give myself more time to integrate Colin's many articles into my site for the future.

To see how this integration would proceeded, I have first experimented with Colin's favourite project that is still on going, the 'Sound Factory Master Classes' I am pleased to say that all went well, and when it is uploaded the project could now continue on this site.

The UK.Focus site will undergo some major re-arranging not only to accommodate the imported articles, but also to improve the sites navigation. I will start to implement the new changes and improvements over the next couple of weeks.


                     WersiClub International Update        14/11/16


With the sad passing of Colin Moore our founder member of WersiClub International I mentioned while in an e.mail conversation with his wife Gill, that perhaps to continue to make Colin's work available to OAS users I attempt to integrate as much as possible into my site.  I also suggested that I could modify my site banner so as to retain the now long established WersiClub International name. I am very pleased to report that Gill welcomed the suggestion as Colin had spent so much time and effort over the years and we will work now to try to achieve this goal.


It will take a little time to set it all up but the first noticeable thing will be the title banner name change and a page explaining the new changes.


The website WersiClub UK Focus has always been a part   of 'WersiClub International', that I set up independently of Colin's site specifically for the UK owners soon after the club was formed some nine years ago. It has always been a branch of the same club with the same members register.


So as to retain the identity of my own site, the UK Focus banner will now have the addition-


'Incorporating WersiClub international'




 "Making Quality Recordings From An OAS Instrument"


A New Set of Five 'Sound Recording' Articles from Jeff Ormerod



As a user of more than one brand of instrument, sometime last year I was toying with the idea of how to make a recording by using features from both the Pegasus Wing in conjunction with the Korg Pa3x. Having little or no knowledge myself in this field I asked Jeff what would be needed to achieve this.



Jeff very kindly soon replied to me with what I thought at the time was fairly comprehensive explanatory list of requirements and options that I could choose from.



I suggested to Jeff that perhaps he could turn this into an article for the sites.  Jeff agreed, but as this is one of his fields of expertise he suggested doing a more expanded article that covered most aspects of sound recording with a Wersi Instrument.



The final results of this is that we now have not one, but five separate excellent and informative articles that cover most aspects of Sound Recording.



I am sure these articles will be a great asset to all that wish to use their instruments for making recordings and I would like to thank Jeff for all his time and effort in producing them for us.






  Adding Animation and Stereo Effect to the OX7 Drawbar and Rotor Sounds.      

By Richard Albertini USA

This is a presentation that I did for the USA OAS club meeting held on Nov 8,9,10 - 2013. The presentation focused on the OX7 Drawbars and adding animation and stereo effect to the drawbar and rotor sounds.  I presently have the Gala CD organ and the OAS EX-1 Expander with V7 R46 software and decided to duplicate the wonderful sound of the CD organ drawbars using the OAS system.

 Here is the article  -  OX7 Drawbar




                                  New Forum Site                           12/2/15

'Wersi Owners Forum'

Following on from Geoff Turners suggestion for an open Forum,  Geoff has been very busy over the past couple of months looking into the possibilities of this himself.

He has now set up a very professional looking Forum site of which I am sure will be of great benefit to all of us.  Although independently run of  WersiClub, naturally it has our full support.

The link above will take you to the Forum where you can register, log in, read and post new messages.  There is also a permanent link set up on the 'Links' page of this site.

Congratulations and our thanks go to Geoff for setting up and running this new Forum site of which I am certain is going to be a great asset and well supported.













                     'Wersi Organ Showcase'          


A new website for existing and potential Wersi owners



Our Member Jeff Ormerod well known for his articles on 'Sound' and 'Sakral' has now produced a very interesting new website entitled 'Wersi Organ Showcase'  In Jeff's own words he tells us the basic idea of the site.  



"The intention is to produce a comprehensive collection of all the playing facilities available on the OAS models, supported by appropriate audio demonstrations, so that hopefully existing owners will find new things to discover and try out, and potential owners will have available a one-stop shop detailing all the features and capabilities of the instruments".




Wersi Organ Showcase Website




See also Jeff's Profile and introduction to the new site at







The site as yet is in its infancy but as Jeff produces more content he will inform me and I can place a note of the new additions in the 'Latest  pane's' on the home page.




I'm sure we all wish Jeff every success with this new venture that should be of great benefit for all existing and potential Wersi owners.



















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