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Mariachi Trumpet Sound

Created by George Bolton

George decided he did not have a suitable trumpet sound that is heard in the Mexican Mariachi Bands and also used by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana brass.  So he set about having a go to create a "Mariachi Trumpet" 

The results are very realistic when played in context with tunes such as the "Tijuana Taxi" and the "Lonely Bull" 

George has produced the settings he made to create this sound in a PDF format that can be printed and taken to the organ. He has also given us a list of tunes to go with the sound such as -

Spanish Flea   The Lonely Bull   Tijuana Taxi   Crea Amor   Surfin' Senorita   Las Mananitas        Winds of Barcelona   Swinger from Seville

Click here to make your  Mariachi Trumpet

(Coming next from George is a preset in PDF format with a difference! that George has made for the "Lonely Bull")

My thanks to George for his contribution to the Club.



A preset suggestion on how the Trumpet sound could be used

 I have enjoyed experimenting with George's Trumpet sound myself, and if you have the OAA arranger you will find a style called "Tijuana" that is great for "Tijuana Taxi"

For me the best feature that Wersi ever built into their software was the "Crossover" feature that came with V5.  This allows us to make extensive use of a single preset. Not necessarily good for all aspects of playing, but it is one I use most of the time.

As we all use our instruments in different ways I have now amended this preset to try and get as close to a default preset as possible. When first made I forgot that I had changed STD settings that I use all the time, so it is possible you probably wondered what was going on!! Please give it another try with the settings below.

When you have created your Mariachi Trumpet give this a try for "Tijuana taxi"

Upper 1 Mariachi Trumpet    Vol. 120

Upper 2 Theatre Kinura        Vol   90

Upper 3 Mariachi Trumpet    Vol  110   + 1 octave  and  Wersicord  Duet 1  also "Pan" to about  10

Go to - Selectors - Advanced.  Change the Expression Pedal values to -

Upper 1  minus 20   Upper 2   30   Upper 3   100 (STD)

Go to ACC. and change the Exp.Pedal Settings "OFFSET" field to 50

Lower 1 BB Brass 3   Vol  45 

Check all the relevant boxes in the "save" page and save.

This may be of use if you are not used to playing with this feature.

With the expression pedal in back position play a few notes and set the volume knob to a comfortable listening level.  When playing, vary the expression from the single trumpet in the back position to the duet in the full on position.

Use the Tijuana OAA style if you have it, if not the Wersi style "Francis" is close or even a Samba.

I have placed a thread onto the UK.Focus forum site if you would like to make any related comments to the sound or preset.