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Wersi Related Websites

 "The Wersi OAS Technology   Upgrade Project"

This Project is now hosted on Jeff Ormerod's own 'Wersi Organ Showcase' site, follow the link below. 


Wersi Owners Forum

Wersi Organ Showcase 

A useful and interesting website for existing and potential Wersi owners. Written explanations of the many features and capabilities of the Wersi OAS instruments together with audio demonstrations.


Members You Tube Links

 Dirk Decaluwe
 Chris Hopkins

Members Websites

  Phil Allen
  Andrew Varley
  Curt Magura USA
  Bill Gray - The Wersi Abacus

Wersi Sales & Service

Wersi Downloads Centre

Wersi UK        (Sales & Service UK)

Peter Armitage

Allens Music Centre   (Sales & Service UK)  Contacts  -  Trevor
Conn and Tom

Wersi Belgium     (Sales & Service)

Rudi Perdaen

 Wersi USA          (Sales & Service)

Ralph Conti

 Wersi Norge       (Sales & Service)

Thomas Bønes

 Wersi Bochum      (Sales & Service)

Thymo Meyer

Wersi Organs New Zealand        (Sales & Service)  Ross Monk

UK Service Support Upgrades and Tuition From  Claire Greig and Brett Wales in conjunction with MusicStore and Wersi Hochrhein  




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