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  Total Presets 


We shall provide on this page some examples of Total Presets set up by Members. These will be in the form of links to files containing the information ready to be inserted directly into your instrument via a floppy disk (these are very small files), CD-RW or Memory Stick.

To access these files, right-click on the link and, according to your browser:

Internet Explorer - select “Save Target as...”;
Moxilla Firefox - select “Save Link as...”.

Choose an appropriate folder on your hard disk or a memory stick (quickest if you subsequently insert the stick into your organ’s USB socket for transfer).





Multi-Purpose Total Preset

In this Total Preset all nine places for inserting sounds in each Manual Layer and the Pedalboard have been filled along with the nine places for Styles. [Six Selectors only]
The Total Preset is named “Ballad 85”.
You could, therefore, use it as a template, change any entry and resave it as a new Total Preset.

Although the Sounds are standard Wersi and will therefore import into any OAS-7 instrument, all the Styles have been exported from an OAA instrument. Even though some are standard Wersi Styles, they will therefore play only in another OAA instrument. Members who do not possess the OAA should download Version B and add Styles which are in their instrument’s database.

The Total Preset is available to download in two versions. One (A) uses nine standard Wersi Styles, the other (B) has no Styles included. Instead, the nine Styles designed for it have been selected from imports into my OAA, some having been edited as well. There is a download of those nine Styles available separately. These are on another page. Use the link in the final column of the table below to access that page. These nine Styles will need to be inserted by you into the Total Preset (B) in your instrument. There is a sheet containing details of the Styles for each Total Preset available to download from the table below. The insertion positions of the nine Styles do not have to match those on that sheet.

If this sounds a little complicated, it will become very clear as you follow it through. Use this link How to place the OAA Styles in the Universal Total Preset Download which will guide you through the process step by step. It is just a way of enabling the exchange of such items within the Wersi structure. The links for this download are below.


Date Of Issue

Total Preset Name (A) (Wersi Styles)

Information about the Styles in TP (A)

Total Preset Name (B) (OAA Styles)

Information about the Styles in TP (B)

12 April 2008 Ballad 85 Wersi Ballad 85 Wersi Styles Ballad 85 OAA Ballad 85 OAA Styles


The table below contains downloads of the nine OAA Styles for the Multi-Purpose Total Preset “Ballad 85 OAA” in the table above. Each of the nine Styles has to be downloaded separately.

To access these files, right-click on the link and, according to your browser:

Internet Explorer - select “Save Target as...”;
Moxilla Firefox - select “Save Link as...”.

They can be placed directly onto a memory stick like this and then imported into your Wersi instrument.


TP Name Style 1 Style 2 Style 3 Style 4 Style 5 Style 6 Style 7 Style 8 Style 9

Ballad 85 (OAS-7.1 R30)

Piano Ballad 44 Ballad EP Ballad Ballad 4 Power Ballad Ballad 12-8 Pop ballad Easy Ballad Pop New Age


Venus In Blue Jeans

This Total Preset designed for the Mark Wynter song contains two alternative sounds for each of three Upper Manual layers. There is no   Style saved. Six OAA Styles can be downloaded from Downloads > Edited Styles for those who have the OAA. There is also a Demonstration Download of this song using this Total Preset available from Downloads > Performances.



This is an article by Club Member Robert New on how to use sounds in combination in Total Presets. Hints and Tips on how to set up registrations (Total Presets) are always welcome and of great interest to all organ players. The article can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking on the link below.

February 2009

The Sound of the Stars. Total Presets to capture some of the sounds of Franz Lambert and Claudia Hirschfeld. [3 February 2009 - now replaced by a new, improved version, with easily read LM settings]


David Dunlap’s YouTube Videos (Total Preset Information Articles)

David has provided us with the following information about the Total Presets he has produced and used for some of his YouTube videos. Each is a downloadable pdf file.

August 2010

Until It’s Time for You to Go

David uses Ken’s Templates to show the way he has set up seven Total Presets for this video. Time-line references are given where Total Preset changes occur so the article can be read while the video is followed. There are also very useful playing tips.

February 2011


There are no fewer than ten Total Presets used in this performance.  Full details of how David set up each Preset and how each was used in the performance are given.  There are the usual time-line references to the video so you can watch the video for each Preset change and be aware of what settings are coming up next.  These articles represent a unique opportunity to learn the process of setting up Total Presets second only to having the master sitting next to you at the instrument.


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