21 February 2011


Globals - this gives the values available in the Global panels under the General Tab.

LFO-Matrix - this provides lists of all the Source, Modifier and Destination possibilities: not fully conversant with all these yet!

Samples in Sounds - this gives a table of all the Sample Banks and the Samples contained therein - several pages of data!

Some Sound Samples - one of the most interesting observations while using this software has been to look at the samples actually used in the sounds. This document charts just a few of those sounds with the samples they contain. Of course, you have to look a little deeper to see how those samples have been set up in order to obtain the full picture, and thatís quite involved and requires a lot of experimenting - great fun, though. Thatís when the editing possibilities show themselves.


23 July 2011

Wah-Wah Trumpet Sound from Ian Terry:


Pick a Trumpet to edit, I used (for this example):- 090-000-055 Trumpet Muted *. (This sound already has the 'mute' attached to the instrument, we only need to make a small edit to turn this into the sound we would want, and to be able to control this in real time from the instrument).


Activate Sound Factory to edit this sound.

Once in Sound Factory activate 'Expert Edit'

Go to the 'Filter-Map' page,

Change Cutoff to 26%

Resonance to 0%

Velocity to 0%

Key to 12%


Now the clever bit.

Go to 'LFO/Matrix' page, (working from left to right in the Matrix),

Pick a free/empty slot in the 'Source' column, (number 6 for example), select the source box so it's highlighted (red), and using the 'Data Wheel/Encoder' dial in the words 'Mod Wheel'.

In the next column (to the right, called 'Modifier'), dial up the word 'Off'. In the next (Modify) set to 0%. {These two columns are used for 'Side Chaining' to give us further control over modulations, we don't need these in this example).

In 'Destination', dial in the word 'Cutoff'

In the last box, set the value to 35%.

So just to recap, you should see from left to right:- Mod Wheel, Off, 0.0%, Cutoff, 35%. (I decided to use the Mod Wheel for this as it allows the player to 'mimic' the left hand behaviour that Trumpet players do to create the effect that we are after).

Switch off any other 'Mod Wheel' destinations (in the Matrix), as they will interfere with our effect.

Save with a suitable title into your user database.


When you call this edit up to play make sure that 'Mod Wheel' is enabled in the 'Selectors' page of OAS.


That's basically it, here's a small teaser of what it can sound like. It's all controlled from the instruments 'Pitch' and 'Mod Wheels' in real time via the left hand. The Mod Wheel controls the filter to open and close the mute, just as Trumpet players would. Right hand plays the keyboard to trigger the notes. This is straight out of the instrument and recorded into Logic Pro for preparation and conversion to MP3.


Wah-Wah Trumpet Solo.mp3


 4 October 2011

From David Dunlap.

Here is a PDF article about creating a new sound in Sound Factory. It's actually an alternative to Ian Terry's suggestion for a "wah" trumpet.