Church & Theatre Organ Registrations                                                           Article and Preset arrangements produced by - Jeff Ormerod                        June 2010


Our Club Member Jeff Ormerod has produced some excellent total preset arrangements for Church & Theatre Organs for use on our Wersi Instruments, plus an overview article on 'Pipe Organs.'

As well as the factory organ sounds, Jeff has used sounds from the 'Sakral' & 'Theatre' additional 'Sound Packages' and he has arranged the 'Presets' onto our 'Templates.' 

Jeff says -

As a pipe organist of many years standing (until I discovered it works better if you sit down, easier on the pedals !!) I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get an authentic pipe organ sound from the Wersi instrument, and would be happy to share this with other members. I've found that most of the pipe organ samples supplied, even the ensemble ones, need quite a bit of layering with each other (as indeed you would do on a real instrument) to get the right sound.

Jeff's article 'Getting Started' provides us with an overview of how 'sounds' and 'stops' are used on the original instruments and how we can apply the same principals to the Wersi Organ.

The 'Total Preset Templates' consist of four sets of Church Organ registrations and four sets of Theatre Organ registrations.  They are in PDF format that can be accessed individually from the links below. The registration 'templates' can be printed out for convenient setting up on the instrument.

If you have any questions, queries or would like any further information regarding Church & Theatre Organ registrations, then e.mail Jeff at  who would be pleased to offer help and advice.

Further comments arising from members and Jeff can then be placed on this site for us all.

Our thanks to Jeff for providing this very informative article and the registrations for all our members.