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First Appearance of Bretts 'Wersi Louvre'

An appreciative audience gave Brett a warm welcome at the 'Banstead Organ & Keyboard Club' for the first concert he has performed with his new instrument, the three manual Wersi Louvre.

Pictures by - Ken Belton



Brett's  Tip for May 2009


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Brett's  Tip for April 2009


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Brett's Tip For March 2009

Recently I have been asked by a lot of OAS owners the same question regarding the confusion of MANUAL HOLD and LM HOLD.

MANUAL HOLD - can be found situated on the top row of the LOWER MANUAL selectors and basically allows you to put a hold on the notes/chord you are playing in the left hand.    Very handy if you wish to change a pre-set with your left hand without creating a break in the sound.

LM HOLD - can be found situated in the middle on the right hand side of the main display and can be activated or de-activated by pressing the screen where you will see it is, a tick will appear when it is on. It is a helpful feature handed down from the SPECTRA where you are able to put a hold on the sounds used only on the LOWER MANUAL and PEDAL so that when you change to a different pre-set you will only change the UPPER Manual. Very handy for when you're playing on the fly.


                                Brett's Tip For February 2009

Many OAS owners have asked me for a long time now how I get my String sound on the SCALA and   why they can't seem to get this on their OAS. This is simply because I use AKAI samples for my strings as the standard WERSI strings have never quite been able to produce the sort of string sound I have wanted. i.e. James Last/Henry Mancini/Mantrovani

Well now it is possible to get this sound without AKAI samples as long as you're running Version 7.1 Revision 36 and the special 'Franz Lambert edition'.

Here is a preset using these sounds.

Upper 1 - FL Classical Strings
(If you do not yet have the "Franz Lambert" edition try - Large Classical Strings - 1 octave.)

Upper 2 - Large Classical Strings
Upper 3 - Vocal Opera

Lower 1 - Stringsoft 1
Lower 2 - Horn Section +1 Octave

Pedal 1 - Picked Bass Ped

This would be suitable for example the middle part to 'The Lonely Sheppard' together with the FL Style 'FL 8 Beat-Romantica' or indeed any of the light Classical music James Last has become associated with over the years like 'Intermezzo','Largo' and 'Ave Maria'. It's a very versatile sound and can be used in most romantic melodies.

The sounds I have chosen like the 'Large Classical Strings' and the 'Vocal Opera' are new sounds to Rev 36 and may not be on your buttons already so don't forget to map them in first via your Mapping section otherwise you can 'Quick Load' them and save them in a preset.

If you don't have Version 7.1 Rev 36 you can download it for free direct from WERSI at although the 'Franz Lambert edition' is in the software it is an optional extra which you'll have to pay for by contacting WERSI and they'll give you an activation code, but I feel it is worth it for the String sounds let alone all the other Styles, Sounds and Presets you'll get from the great Franz Lambert.


   Brett's Tip For December 2008

Hi, for this months tip there is a sound combination for you. It's one that is always popular with the great  Franz Lambert and one that he used not only a lot on the ATLANTIS but also one he still uses on the LOUVRE.

It's a sound that's ideal for Ballads  such as, Wind beneath my wings, Memory (from cats), Something stupid, Twilight time, Strangers in the night ect. or even upbeat ABBA songs such as Super Trouper, Winner takes it all and Dancing Queen.

The set up is as follows;

Upper 1 - CD Jazz Guitar
Upper 2 - CD Fairlight  (located in the Synth Lead 1 Button)

Lower 1 - Strings soft 1

Pedal 1 -  Ped Bass 1

Why not try it I'm sure you'll find a piece you play suitable for this nice sound.


                                 Brett's Tip November 2008

Now please forgive me if you already know this one but many people I have visited with OAS instrument have not heard of this short cut.

If you want to create your own mappings of sounds or style you can do so with ease on the OAS. Being able to map your own or favourite sounds or styles can make playing your instrument so much easier.

For example a sound I use a lot is an Akai sample of the older WERSI Tenor sax, so I have mapped it in to the first space on the Tenor Sax button so that in order to call up this sound quickly it only now requires one touch.

Here's for the short cut.
If you choose a button that you would like to edit the mapping of then hold it down for 1-2 seconds this will then take you directly to the mapping facility of that particular sound. You can then simply choose the sound and space by selecting and pressing the actual space and level. You have 5 available to fill so all you do is go to SAVE and OVERWRITE MAPPING then you can change the sound or style to place it in which ever position is most convenient for you.

Each level has the ability to hold 9 sounds or styles so there shouldn't be a problem for space and also if you scroll though some of the sounds in the sound window you'll be surprised how many sounds are not already mapped by WERSI.

Don't be frightened to experiment you won't do any damage but if you do want to go back to the original mapping either make a back up or you can always restore from the latest WERSI OAS disc.

*This tip is suitable for Version 6 upwards*


                               Brett's Tip October 2008

In one of my earlier tips I mentioned putting a Drawbar sound together with a Brass sound to 'Fatten' out the sound a little. Now this was/is popular with Organist such as Franz Lambert and the late Klaus Wunderlich. Even though in most cases Big bands don't use Organs in them, by adding an Drawbar sound to them will enhance the sound.

Try this one.

Upper manual      Voice 1 - Sax Section 1          Voice 2 - Spectra Medium Vib          Voice 3 - Clarinet (Optional)


Lower Manual + 1 octave            Voice 1 - Horn Soft Sec          Voice 2 - Muted Trumpet 

Ped      Pedal Bass 1

This makes for a nice Miller/Wunderich 'Moonlight Serenade' sound.

 *You will need to map in the Spectra Med Vib sound from the OX7 into one of your sound buttons as it's not a standard placed sound. Also don't forget to mix the volume of the sounds so you can hear the Drawbars as this will make a difference.


                                    Brett's Tip September 2008

"Here's a popular sound I use for songs such as 'Sleepy time Gal' and 'I left my heart in Sanfrancisco'.

If you have B4 then great simply choose the B4 GOSPEL preset and then alter the Drawbars so you have the 16 foot and the 1 foot drawbars out but nothing else. (1out at either end in other words).  

Now when the ROTOR is on you should get a lush sort of almost theatre organ sound ideal for those timeless songs everybody always likes.

If you don have B4 then don't worry you can get this sound by choosing the Organ drawbars 1on the OX7 with the same drawbar setting (16 and 1 Foot) but it is vital you use the ROTOR and not the VIBRATO on the OX7 as this will totally change the sound. If you have both B4 and OX7 try both see which you prefer. For the best sound try to use if you can chords in the right hand if you can't then by all means use the WERSICHORD as this also will improve the sound (providing you use   the correct chord in the Left hand)."

**The WERSICHORD will not work on the B4.**



Brett's Tip August 2008


A lot of people ask me about Strings and how to get a full String sound.

Now there are many different types of String sounds and as with all sounds it does ultimately come down to individual taste but if I was to refer to my favourite String sound it would have to be the "Hollywood Strings".

When It comes to this sound I use mainly Akai samples but if you don't have this facility then try the following preset;

Upper 1- Strings1 Soft

Upper 2 - Vocal Mixed + 1 Octave

Upper 3 - Strings1 Soft - 1 Octave   (Press the octave button 4 times to get this)

Lower 1 -  Strings1 Soft

Lower 2 -  Horn Sec Soft + 1 Octave

Bass- Ped Bass 1

Try to balance the sound so the deeper Strings are not too over powering and that you can hear the choir and this should give you a nice full sound. If you have the Scala or Louvre why not try another Strings1 Soft +1 octave to achieve an ever bigger sound.


Brett's Tip July 2008

"Hi and welcome to this months tip. One thing I notice when I play someone else's WERSI is that almost all of the time the REVERB is set how the organ/keyboard was when it came from the factory.

Personally for me there is not enough REVERB on the factory setting and you would be surprised what a difference a good REVERB setting will make.

For this months tip I have given you a REVERB setting so that you can set it up and then if you like it set it as your STANDARD so that every preset you save with STANDARD setting your new REVERB setting will be called up".


 VOLUME 77         TIME 84         HIGH EQ 63       LOW EQ 63       DAMPING 63       SIZE 87      PRE DELAY 20      SHAPE 76   

"Don't forget to save the REVERB setting, I hope you like the new setting and have fun playing".


Bretts Tip June 2008

Many people ask me about the unmistakable 'Bell' sound that Klaus Wunderlich used in songs such as 'They cant take that away from me', 'Love is here to stay' and 'La vie en rose' made famous from his Wersi Helios days, and how to recreate this on the OAS.

Well if you go into the OX7 Editor and select 'Organ Drawbars 1' then pull out the following Drawbars- 16-8-4-2-1 all the way (1 brown and all the whites). Then turn off completely both the 'Rotor' and the 'Vibrato' leaving you with a 'Dead-pan' sound. Simply add the 'Sustain' in the 'OX7' and there you have the famous Klaus Bell sound.

You can save the Drawbars as free although I would recommend locking them by selecting the 'Fixed/Free' button at the bottom of the page in the OX7 Edit page. 
Don't forget to save it as an OX7 preset and then map it to a button so you can play it any time you require.

Also it might be worth mentioning that the 'Delay'/'Sustain buttons in the OX7 Edit window work the wrong way around. It has been a fault from I think version 6 maybe earlier just haven't got around to telling Wersi Germany.


                                                Bretts Tip  May 2008

"Hi and welcome to this the first 'Tip of the month' for the WERSI club.

If you are playing a Big Band piece and you would like to make the Brass sound a lot bigger then try adding some Drawbars. A setting I use a lot is; Brass Section 1 and then add to that from the OX7 list Spectra Straight Vib Full with also maybe a Trumpet Sec as well to add more brightness to the Brass. I would also suggest using the Drawbar on voice 3 of the upper so if you require the use of WERICHORD this would also help make the sound bigger.

In the left hand maybe a Sax Section with a Horn Section set to the correct octave would also complete your Big Band sound.

It's not how a big band would normally sound as most big bands never used an organ but it does help broaden out the over all sound".