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Hi Folks

I think I may have mentioned (several times) that the first instrument that I learned to play on was the Piano Accordion.

When Wersi introduced their 'Best of Accordions' sound package on Revision 38 of OAS7, after hearing the samples, they where a must have for me and were purchased straight away.

The many tunings and sounds produced by Accordions has always been, and still are, very much firm favourites with me. (But I'm told I do have a strange taste in music)

It is a traditional instrument, and although is is used for many types of music including classical and jazz, for me it sounds at its best when played in the traditional style of a particular country.

To this end, but unfortunately not being  able to strictly adhere to the sentiments of above paragraph, I will try to attempt a few tunes that many of us will associate as being played on Accordion which hopefully will allow the overall sound of each instrument to be instantly recognised as French, Scottish etc.  They will be created on the Abacus as 'wave' files and then converted to MP3 for the site.

I think I may also have mentioned to you, that I am not the worlds greatest player!! (if you have heard my attempts at Midsomer Murders you will already know this)  I play by ear, play the tune how I think it goes, and if I don't know parts of it they get made up as I go along!!  However, you should get the gist of what it is supposed to be. The important thing to listen out for  are the sounds of the different types of Accordions.

The final version that gets 'pride of place' on the site will probably be one of around fifty attempts to get one somewhere near right without too many mistakes and wrong notes played, so I will leave the other forty-nine 'out-takes' to your imagination.

And yes, you have also guessed right, I do use the 'Expression Crossfade' feature in the arrangements so each tune is just one preset. 

I will add the tunes to the 'MP3 Downloads page' as and when available, and will let you know when the next 'masterpiece' (I do joke) has been created by putting a note on the 'Latest' panel.

Hope you enjoy, and appreciate the very authentic sounds of 'Best of Accordions'

(PS. Please keep the laughter volume turned to a minimum you will hear the sounds better. Thank you.)