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This index page contains links relating to articles for the OAS-7 line of instruments that have already existed on this site and that have been contributed by members.



Existing OAS-7 Articles Contributed By Members

     Creating your own User  Drumset            By Bill Gray

            OAS System Controls                    By Thomas Shevels       

     How to Copy the OAS Screen              By George Bolton   

Converting from the Old to the New Drum Editor   By Bill Gray      

   OAS Upgrades - Points to Consider         By Bill Gray

           OAS-7 A Personal Review                  By Bill Gray  

The relevance of CPU and RAM in a Wersi Instrument - By Bill Gray

 'Best of Accordions' Sound Package Review - By Ken Belton

     Saving a Preset + By Ken Belton

          One Touch Settings for OAS                  By George Brown

     Getting the best from 'Drums 2007'          By Robert New

     Sound Quality   By Jeff Ormerod

Church & Theatre Organ Registrations          By Jeff Ormerod

Kens Accordions - By Ken Belton.

"Making Quality Recordings From An OAS Instrument" By Jeff Ormerod

Styles 2011 installation instructions

Styles 2011 - Update of additional information discovered





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