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 August Concert List     1/8/16



Note to Members now owning the Wersi Sonic or Sonic    Upgrades

Hi Folks


In the UK anyway, we are now starting to get a few new Sonic instruments trickling in and some of our members that have had their existing instruments upgraded.


If I can just add a reminder that WersiClub International has started a separate register for members with new Sonic instruments and for those that have been upgraded to the new Sonic spec.


So as we can keep our records up to date if you have changed or upgraded your instruments to the Sonic perhaps you would kindly let us know.

If you are not yet a member  but are having a Sonic or the conversion, then please do drop us a line to become a registered member as the benefits of membership can be greatly enhanced by sharing the experiences of learning the new OAX system. 





Latest Additions to  WersiPlayersGroup   Website

 New MP3 - From Spike Mc Kenzie  USA 25/6/16

Wersi Organ Showcase Update - Latest addition -                   "Note Articulation"     From Jeff Ormerod

 Two New MP3s - from Tom Barbers new CD  'Wersi Down Under' 5/12/15


Latest Additions to the Wersi Direct Website

For all the latest offers and developments from Wersi Direct, please check the 'News' page on their Website




Wersi Service

 Latest information and instrument advice always available from your Wersi agents.

 Use the 'Wersi Service' link above for contact details



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Total WersiClub International Membership  308

Pegasus Wing Pages

 New - Preset Pack For Pegasus Wing






Ken Belton


International Site






 Wersi Sonic  Pages

 Florian Hutter on Wersi Sonic   7/8/16

New Page Added -                    OAX Points Of Interest

 Overview of Ken's Sonic OAX 600   'First Impression  27/2/16 




WANTED: Wersi Spectra, Gala or Wega

For Sale

 For Sale - Wersi Verona 30/8/16
 For Sale - Wersi DX5 15/8/16
 For Sale - Wersi Pegasus Wing V2 11/6/16

Items Wanted

Latest Item Added To Wanted List  -  English Assembly Manuals for Wersi Helios                         




 Message Board

 MAX1 Expander Help 3/2/16 

Service manual / schematics of the Wersi Phoenix. Can anyone help us with this?  Update

 Wersi Arcus Manuals and ROM cards Wanted 15/12/14 
  e.mail address reminder 23/1/13 



 Ideas, Tips and Suggestions

 New Suggestion Latest Suggestion  5/12/14 




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 It is a privately owned website and is run for and on behalf of owners of Wersi instruments old and new.

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Latest Site Update   30/8/16


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